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Biography - Grasso-Ravita Jazz Ensemble

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On a gig in March 2018, Phil Ravita and Skip Grasso talked about a profound desire to do a project of original music. Phil subsequently brought together a stellar group of musicians to rehearse and perform. It was immediately evident to us that the chemistry of this group of musicians was a rare and significant creative opportunity.

So, why do a project of all original music when jazz has such a vast repertoire in its tradition? Musicians know the safest course – the homage to the tradition – when recording a project. The musicians in this ensemble have all played that repertoire for many years.

It’s this tradition which we have loved, respected, and devoted our lives to that moves us collectively. The musicians who have most inspired us composed their own music nonetheless. In the writing of our “vehicles for improvisation,” we challenge ourselves to define a more personal language within the tradition, thus become our true selves revealing pieces of our unique narrative.

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